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Hello everyone.
Our league meeting will be at The Safari Club on March 30th at 4:00pm. The Safari Club is off of Park Ave. West and Denargo. Go around past King Soopers Warehouse and as you past the Warehouse and head for the river, Safari will be on your right hand side of the road. If you'er still not sure, call me. Finals were Great!!! I had a ball and I know most of you did also. Congratulations to The Down Under Dahlin's and C's Whatever, taking 1st and 2nd place. C Monsters took 3rd. It was a great evening and I thank all who had a part in putting it together and all who showed up to play and represent the dart league. I also thank Sheila and the staff of the Detour for all their food and support. Sheila is always there for us. Thanks to all and I need your league fees for next season by Flights. The day of the league meeting will not do. We will have schedules printed by then and we won't change them. Please get ready for Flights and you can mail in your registration no later than Tues. and then bring it to The Wrangler on Friday night if you can't get mailed by Tues. We are ready to rumble and we will have such a good time. Thanks to all of you and I look forward to Flights. Donna

 Hello everyone.

I just wanted everyone to know that due to reasons beyond his control, Mario will be unable to fulfill commissioners responsibilities. The league therefore needs a junior commissioner for next season, 14. I will have commissioner request sheets at Finals at the Detour on Tues, march 12th, for anyone who is interested. I sent out an email with a league meeting set for March 31st. It was brought to my attention, that March 31st is Easter Sunday. So!!!! We will need to have that meeting on Sat. March 30th. I know this is going to be rough for some of you, but we have to have this meeting. Again, Captains can come or send a representative, but I would like as many dart players as possible to attend this meeting. We will reveal your new junior commissioner at this time as well as give you schedules and player ID cards at this time. I need for you all to have your team registration in on Tues. night at The Detour and to have your Flights registration in at this time also. The winners of the early registration are Ace In The Hole, for handing them to me at Charlie's today, and the other mail in winner will be disclosed on Tues. night. Please, I urge you to turn in Flights registration on Tues., or at least be able to tell me if your team is going to be in Flights. The league meeting will probably be at 4:00pm at Safari, or it can be earlier if you all want. I need a response this week if possible from all captain's. This is very important. Also, Steve Demeuse, our Coors rep., will be at Detour on Tues. night. Coors has and is doing a lot for Flights, so I need everybody to at least drink a Coors product. That would be Coors, Coors Light, Coors Cutter, Coors Extra Gold, Zima, Zima Citrus, Killians or Mike's Hard Lemonade. If he sees this, he will go back to Coors and tell them and we will have unlimited support from Coors. Sheila is putting out a spread, so be there and enjoy whether you or out or still playing. Please always help to support Coors and they are so generously supporting us. Thank you all and I will see you on Tues. and hear from you by email soon. Donna

We have 5 Top Prizes at this point. We have a Lap Top Computer, a Foseball Talble, a Leather Shirt, value, 220 dollars, a rainbow ring, with real diamonds, valve 245 I believe, and a VCR. That doesn't include the "gravy" prizes of T-shirts, hats, pullover hooded shirts, flights, darts, books, "play toys, pool cues, etc. So you just about have to play in Flights.
Come on Down and register.
Anyway, hope that sparks all ya'lls interest. Email, Email, Email.

Thanks for all your support this season and let's have a great and wonderful flights. Donna