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Raiders of the lost Darts

A Charity Dart Tournament benefiting ADAP
(AIDS Drug Assistance Program),
Lesbian Cancer Support Services,
Horizon House.

DATES: March 22, 23, 24

For any questions:
E-mail us


1) Tournament dates are March 22rd to March 24th, 2002.

2) Entry fee is $80.00 per team.

3) We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person or team for any reason.

4) Each game will be 501, open in, open out, with any portion of the Bull's-eye counting
as 50 points.

5) A match consists of up to 5 games.

6) The winner of the match is the first team to win three games.

7) If the fifth game is needed, it will be done “piggyback”, with all members playing.  Throwing order is
determined by the score sheet.

8) Winning a game requires a player to get exactly zero points; the team with the lowest combined score

9) If a team goes out with the scores tied, the team that went out wins.

10) Darts thrown before the “throw darts” light is on will be forfeited.

11) The “last dart-winning dart” will end the game if the dart board does not record the score as long as
the dart is sticking in the board.

12) If a dart sticks in the board, but does not register, it will not be manually scored.

13) In all other situations the board is always correct.

14) If a player throws out of turn, see the detail rules in your team packet for instructions.

15) A player may pass on any or all darts.

16) Registered substitutes may play in any match, but the same four players must play every game in a match.  In an emergency, contact Donna Coulon at 720-581-5101 for instruction.

17) If a player is absent and does not return in a reasonable amount of time when it is their turn to throw,
they forfeit their turn.

18) If there are mechanical problems, contact the monitor at the site if there is one.  If needed the game
will be rescheduled on the first available board.

19) At the completion of each match, call Kindra Jackson at 720-581-8011 with the results.  Any last
minute changes will be relayed to you at that time.

20) The white copy of the score sheet needs to be turned into Kindra before finals are completed.  Each
team captain should keep a copy of the score sheet.


22) The decisions of the scorekeeper, judges, and tournament officials are final.  

23) Please list substitutes/non-participants on an additional piece of paper.