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University Of Colorado Foundation Inc.
CO / ADAP of Colorado
350 Broadway  # 50
Boulder, CO  80305
Telephone: 303-499-2879

What Is ADAP?
ADAP is a program where an individual may seek assistance in obtaining the
medication that is needed in the battle to fight AIDS.

Almost half of all states have already indicated that they may have to restrict
their AIDS Drug Assistance Program by the end of 2001. Restrictions can include
waiting lists, caps on services, cutting drugs off the formulary, or even closing the
program to new enrollment because money is low. Additional states may be
affected as well.
Recently we learned that California is looking at its program to decide what drugs
to remove from its program if necessary.   The basic problem is that federal and
state funding has not kept up with the greater
number of patients who need treatment, since people today are living longer.
The new guidelines that call for starting treatment somewhat later will help to
balance expenses, but is not enough to make up the difference.

What You Can Do

It is simple, join the Mile-Hi Bullseye Dart League, or support our ongoing

The ADAP situation is changing daily. To be informed how you can help on this and
other treatment and access issues, you can join
Project Inform's Treatment Action Network.